52 objects in the studio – vintage wooden ladder

April 30, 2014

Our flower studio is bursting at the seams. We utilize every square inch of our space – and love every bit of it! We are surrounded by the vintage, the reconditioned, the antique, and the new. Everything that we have in the shop has a purpose, a story, and is loved – so let us tell you about it! Follow the Living Fresh Blog every Wednesday and let us introduce you to an object in the studio that we simply cannot get by without.

You are probably familiar with the expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Well let us introduce you to one of our road side treasures.  This vintage wooden ladder was destined for the landfill until we came along.  As lovers of re-purposing, our junk radar is always on high – and boy did we score on the day that this beauty was kicked to the curb!  This solid wooden ladder has served as a display fixture in the studio for several years now.  And whether it is propped against a wall, suspended from the ceiling, or leaning in our window, we lovingly feature it in our displays, giving it the respect and attention it deserves.

ladder1 ladder2 ladder3


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