52 objects in the studio – floral knives

March 5, 2014

Our flower studio is bursting at the seams.  We utilize every square inch of our space – and love every bit of it! We are surrounded by the vintage, the reconditioned, the antique, and the new.  Everything that we have in the shop has a purpose, a story, and is loved – so let us tell you about it! Follow the Living Fresh Blog every Wednesday and let us introduce you to an object in the studio that we simply cannot get by without.

The cardinal rule in the studio is “this is Deb’s knife, this is Tina’s knife”.  There is no sharing. Forget everything they taught you in kindergarten about sharing because it doesn’t apply.


A florist’s knife is an extension of her hand.  We seldom put it down while working on a piece.  Being familiar with the sharpness and capabilities of your knife is essential.  So we don’t share it, we don’t cut cardboard with it, we don’t use it on our lunch break, we don’t sharpen pencils with it – I could go on but I think you get the gist of it!


Now it’s time to share a dirty little secret (it won’t be difficult to tell who is behind the writing of this particular blog today).  Look closely at the photographs of our knives.  The old looking one with the black and orange rubber handle belongs to Deb (that’s me!).  I have had that baby for years.  The blade is worn down considerably (thanks to my husband’s stellar sharpening skills!).  The fresh looking knife with the red and grey plastic handle belongs to Tina.  You may be thinking “Wow, Tina sure takes pride in her knife – she keeps it looking brand new!”.  Here’s the dirty little secret:  it IS brand new!  Tina is a knife thrower-outer.  There, I said it (sorry Tina!).  Tina and I have very different work styles – I let everything fall on the floor while I am working.  Tina is Little Miss Tidy and works over a garbage can, frequently dropping her knife in!

I guess sometimes it pays to work in a mess – and let me tell you, at the end of a busy day, I may be standing on a pile of flower stems three inches high, but I still have knife in hand!

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I guessed right! I looked at the first picture and guessed who’s knife was whos 🙂


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