52 objects in the studio – floral designer Barbie

March 12, 2014

Our flower studio is bursting at the seams.  We utilize every square inch of our space – and love every bit of  it! We are surrounded by the vintage, the reconditioned, the antique, and the new.  Everything that we have in the shop has a purpose, a story, and is loved – so let us tell you about it! Follow the Living Fresh Blog every Wednesday and let us introduce you to an object in the studio that we simply cannot get by without.

Meet Floral Designer Barbie.  She joined us in the studio over Christmas and has overlooked every project we’ve undertaken since.  Matel introduced a new line of Barbie Dolls to their lineup in 2013, including a pastry chef, zoo keeper, space explorer, doctor, vet, and magician. Matel even has a Dolls of the World line, where the Canadian representative is an RCMP officer! Go Matel for giving Barbie career choices that don’t require sunscreen or makeup!


Barbie isn’t new to the world of floral design – she was first released in 1999 and called Flower Shop Barbie.  She sported a more practical look back then, wearing comfortable sneaker-type footwear and a full bib apron.  Her hair was the stereotypical Barbie blond but she fashioned full bangs and shoulder length hair.  As you can clearly see by our 2013 Floral Designer Barbie, she is back to her sexy self.  She’s wearing strappy, open-toed sandals with a very high heel and a pretty scant half apron. No bangs for this gal – long blond hair and the high Barbie ponytail is the hairdo of 2013.

As florists, we have had many laughs about this updated version of Barbie – but to be honest, our giggles come mainly from jealousy!  We would do anything to wear sexy shoes at work.  If you dress sexy, you feel sexy right??  Our Dr. Martens and Birkenstocks make us feel shlumpadinka (thank-you Oprah Winfrey for such a wonderful word!) – but they get us through a 12 hour day on our feet.  And as for Barbie’s frilly little half apron, well, we pride ourselves on keeping our clothing without pollen-stains and free of holes, so shlumpadinka wins again with the full apron. As for the pony tail – we salute Matel’s choice on hairstyle.  As much as we try to start the day off with our hair all pretty and cascading down our backs, within about an hour of our day we usually break out the hair ties and/or hats!

Perhaps Matel will soon realize that some of the most celebrated florists in world are men and they will develop a Floral Designer Ken!

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