52 objects in the studio – work benches

May 21, 2014

Our flower studio is bursting at the seams. We utilize every square inch of our space – and love every bit of it! We are surrounded by the vintage, the reconditioned, the antique, and the new. Everything that we have in the shop has a purpose, a story, and is loved – so let us tell you about it! Follow the Living Fresh Blog every Wednesday and let us introduce you to an object in the studio that we simply cannot get by without.

Our work benches. We design on them; unpack boxes on them; process flowers on them; teach classes on them; and sometimes even stand on them. Our work benches are central to our entire studio and we couldn’t function without them. They were custom made for our space by a family member and we love them! Their base is constructed out of spruce and their tops are galvanized metal. These tables are 37″ high, have ample storage down below, are incredibly stable, and extremely heavy. The most exciting thing about our design tables is that soon, we will have more! Did you know that Living Fresh is expanding? We will be adding at least two more benches in the next month to accommodate our bigger space!

52objects_design_desks03 52objects_design_desks01 52objects_design_desks02

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