pretty petals – cosmos

My favourite kind of flower is the kind that you can grow, without fail, right in your own backyard.  Cosmos definitely fits into that category.  Cosmos are annual flowers in our Southern Ontario climate, but you may find that,  from time to time, they reseed themselves.  These sun loving garden flowers grow a magnificent 3 feet high and bush out considerably to a girth of 12-18″.  And did I mention that they are incredibly pretty?  To be honest, I cannot tell you what part of cosmos I like the most because they have so much going for them.  Is it their spectacular height?  The frilly foliage?  Their  perfectly shaped blossoms?  Their flowery abundance all summer long? Their easy care?  At any rate, they are undeniably a wonderful choice if you are considering a cutting garden.  Enjoy a few pictures of the stunning white cosmos that I am growing organically in my own cuttig garden.

cosmos4 cosmos1 cosmos5



52 objects in the studio – vintage clothes drying hanger

How’s this for using our heads!  This darling, wooden clothes drying hanger doubles as a tissue paper holder in our studio!  We picked up this vintage piece at the Aberfoyle Antique Market back in May.  We bought it thinking that we would use it for suspending little terrariums (and that may still happen), but for now it’s home is beside our wrapping station.  The old saying “the don’t make things like they used to” runs true with this quality gem.  It is a solid piece, made of thick spindles and quality metal hinges – there is no comparison to one that you would buy today.  And did I mention that this beauty stands over 5 feet tall?

tissue rack

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