pretty petals – white carnations

We love carnations.  There.  We said it!  Never thought the day would come, but we have  fallen for these simple, timeless flowers.  Carnations are not just your grandmother’s flower anymore!  These flowers are a delight to work with because they look incredible clumped together, they smell spicy and sweet, they last for many weeks, they are available year round, and they are an affordable flower.

Did you know that the carnations we purchase here in Canada are grown exclusively in South America?  Because Columbia and Ecuador have sun and warmth all year round, these countries provide the optimum conditions for constant growth.

Have a closer look at these beauties and fall in love!

carn3 carn2 carn1

52 objects in the studio – custom chuppah

In Hebrew, a chuppah translates to  ”canopy” or “covering”.  This beautiful structure is used in the Jewish religion to stand under during a wedding ceremony.  We had our chuppah custom designed for the studio this year by a local carpenter,  to  rent out to our brides and grooms.  It stands 8 feet tall by 6 feet square and is made of 4″x4″ cedar posts. Enjoy some photographs of our lovely chuppahall  lushly decorated with flowers, greenery and fabric!

Interested in renting our chuppah?  Contact the studio for more details.

bridal show 3 langdon5 chuppah bridal show winter2014B

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