pretty petals – turtle rose

Let me introduce you to a rose that we have recently discovered called “turtle”.  Not the prettiest of names for a rose – in fact, it is somewhat nonsensical if you ask me since there is no such thing as a bright yellow turtle (that I am aware of).  Nevertheless, this outstanding rose has become our “go to” rose when we require a bright yellow rose.  It has a remarkably high petal count and a very long vase life.  But most importantly, its flat, ruffly style mimics that of a garden rose.  With garden roses being so popular right now, turtle provides the look of a garden rose without the heavy price tag.

turtle1 turtle2 turtle3

52 objects in the studio – ornate gold mirror

We met our match when our studio was assigned Donna M. at John G. Hofland as our sales representative.  Donna, like us, is completely down with flea markets, yard sales, thrift shops and antiquing.  We are kindred spirits!  Look at the stunning, vintage mirror  she picked up for the studio as a “congratulations on your expansion” gift.  We just love it!  This mirror is used multiple times daily – not in vain, but rather to judge the progress of bridal bouquets and the like.  It is hung as waist height near the showroom, prompting frequent inquiries as to its price.  Sorry to disappoint, but this beauty isn’t for sale!

P.S. the problem with photographing a mirror is that it reflects….say hello to our work area!


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