living fresh - flower studio and school
Living Fresh – we love flowers!

It’s simple: at Living Fresh, we love flowers.

We love creating stunning floral art that celebrates the Every Day, and honours the most important milestones in our clients’ lives.
We love teaching others how to beautify their lives and their spaces with colour, shape, texture, and creativity in our collaborative floral design classes.
We love inviting visitors to our studio, an oasis of calm, filled with extraordinary plants, branches and blooms.
We love flowers – and you’ll love what we do with them.

Design Team


Tina Riddell – Creative Director/Floral Designer/Stylist

From a very young age, Tina could be found frolicking with nature. This nurturing quality quickly developed into a strong passion for flowers and plants. In her youth, she spent many hours, side by side with her mom, playing in the family garden. Tina proudly shares that her mom’s influence is responsible for her professional success.

Before Living Fresh, her love of beauty and nature led her down two interesting roads: managing garden centres and greenhouses; studying floral and interior design. Living Fresh began as an opportunity for Tina to nurture her previous experiences and build up her design skills and aesthetics. Tina believes that the learning process is on going; she is constantly immersing herself in projects and events that challenge her skills and bring new inspiration. She believes that building lasting relationships with clients, students and fellow designers is essential in the dynamic industry of floral design.

Tina is a flower sage: show her a flower and she will tell you all about it. According to her staff, her love of flowers goes well beyond that of the average person. Tina will giggle like a kid in a candy store when a blossom catches her fancy – these regular occurrences habitually end with the flower on the receiving end of a kiss!


Deb Jasinski – Floral Designer/Production Manager

Deb has worked in the floral industry for over twenty years: teaching, training, designing, managing, and coordinating. She loves to challenge herself with contemporary styles of design. Incorporating the bizarre, the unexpected, and the obscure, Deb thrives on creating artful and unique pieces. There is an element of excitement in the manipulation of botanical ingredients in the making of an ultramodern piece. On the flip side, there is a part of her design taste that defaults to pretty, feminine, and organic. There is something so wholesome about allowing flowers to mimic their natural surroundings in a classic piece. A vase stuffed full of delicate, effeminate flowers in soft hues will melt her heart time after time.

In her life, she plays four very important roles: mom, wife, friend and florist. These four components keep her balanced and surround her with beauty every single day.


Katrina Salmon – Floral Designer/Plant Expert

Katrina has always had a love for growing and creating beauty in everyday life. She finds nothing more inspiring than lush peonies blooming in the early days of spring. With a horticultural and floral background, her knowledge of flowers spans from sprouting seed to a blooming bouquet. Passionate about colour and design, her pieces strike a balance between meticulously planned and perfectly tousled. Katrina joined the Living Fresh design team in 2015.

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