52 objects – number thirty

August 8, 2012

“The Helmet” Giclée Print by Brad Grigor

This limited edition giclée print was the first piece of art we ever purchased together. It was purchased on a shopping trip in Stratford ON while perusing in an art gallery. My spouse found it, liked it for the pattern and colour, so we bought it. This was back in 2007.

It is a macro photo with colour manipulation of a sports helmet, what helmet do you think it is?

Here is a close up of the actual print.


  • Brenda


    • @Brenda – Good guess. I really have no clue. I think bike helmet!

  • Hi, Tina. That image is a macro shot of a flashlight (battery cap screw threads). I called it “The Helmet” because I see a human head inside the coloured bands. The wearer’s left eye is at the bottom centre. Do you see it?

    • I just looked at the piece hanging on our wall and I do see the eye. Very cool! Thanks for commenting.